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flow pass a cylinder with Reynolds number 200. The simulation was done using the augmented immersed interface method.

Faculty Profiles

  Name Position Phone Office  
Alen Alexanderian Alexanderian, Alen Assistant Professor
919-515-8589 SAS 3220 email
Bojko Bakalov Bakalov, Bojko Associate Professor
919-513-7442 SAS 3116 email
H. Thomas Banks Banks, H. Thomas Professor
Director of CRSC
919-515-8968 Cox 506-C email
Lorena Bociu Bociu, Lorena Associate Professor
919-515-2370 SAS 3236 email
Brenda Burns-Williams Burns-Williams, Brenda Teaching Assistant Professor
919-513-2114 SAS 3242 email
Stephen Campbell Campbell, Stephen Professor
919-515-3300 SAS 4124 email
Alina Chertock Chertock, Alina Professor
Department Head
919-515-3200 SAS 4152 email
Moody Chu Chu, Moody Professor
919-515-3265 SAS 4112 email
Jo-Ann Cohen Cohen, Jo-Ann Professor
919-513-4106 SAS 3272 email
Patrick Louis Combettes Combettes, Patrick Louis Professor
919-515-2671 SAS 3276 email
Andrew Cooper Cooper, Andrew Teaching Assistant Professor
919-515-7478 SAS 3232 email
Elizabeth Dempster Dempster, Elizabeth Lecturer
919-513-2111 SAS 3240 email
Alina Duca Duca, Alina Teaching Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Programs in Mathematics
919-515-1875 SAS 2108 email
Richard Ellson Ellson, Richard Adjunct Associate Professor
SAS 3204 email
Molly Fenn Fenn, Molly Teaching Associate Professor
Assistant Department Head
919-513-2288 SAS 2108 email
Kevin Flores Flores, Kevin Assistant Professor
919-515-2386 Cox 406D email
Mikhail Gilman Gilman, Mikhail Research Assistant Professor
919-515-3797 SAS 3210 email
Pierre Gremaud Gremaud, Pierre Professor
Director of Graduate Programs
919-515-3085 SAS 3214 email
John Griggs Griggs, John Teaching Associate Professor
919-513-2291 SAS 2107 email
Mansoor Haider Haider, Mansoor Professor
919-515-3100 SAS 3280 email
Jonathan Hauenstein Hauenstein, Jonathan Adjunct Faculty
919-513-7443 SAS 3152 email
Loek Helminck Helminck, Loek Professor
919-515-8588 SAS 3276 email
Patricia Hersh Hersh, Patricia Professor
919-515-2385 SAS 3122 email
Hoon Hong Hong, Hoon Professor
919-513-2109 SAS 3274 email
Ilse Ipsen Ipsen, Ilse Professor
SAMSI Associate Director
919-515-3399 SAS 4234 email
Kazufumi Ito Ito, Kazufumi Professor
919-515-7140 SAS 3270 email
Naihuan Jing Jing, Naihuan Professor
919-513-3584 SAS 3142 email
Erich Kaltofen Kaltofen, Erich Professor
919-515-8785 SAS 4220 email
Min Kang Kang, Min Associate Professor
Director of Mathematics Honors Program
919-515-7891 SAS 4114 email
Ruian Ke Ke, Ruian Assistant Professor
919-513-7083 COX 406E email
C.T. (Tim) Kelley Kelley, C.T. (Tim) Professor
919-515-7163 SAS 3234 email
Arkady Kheyfets Kheyfets, Arkady Professor
919-513-2115 SAS 4218 email
Irina Kogan Kogan, Irina Associate Professor
919-513-7437 SAS 3146 email
Leslie Kurtz Kurtz, Leslie Senior Lecturer
Transfer Officer
Director of Summer School
919-513-2111 SAS 3240 email
Tom Lada Lada, Tom Professor
919-515-8773 SAS 3118 email
Zhilin Li Li, Zhilin Professor
919-515-3210 SAS 3148 email
Tye Lidman Lidman, Tye Assistant Professor
SAS 3246 email
Xiao-Biao Lin Lin, Xiao-Biao Professor
919-515-7440 SAS 3218 email
Ricky Liu Liu, Ricky Assistant Professor
919-515-0681 SAS 3264 email
Alun Lloyd Lloyd, Alun Professor
Director, Biomathematics Graduate Program
919-515-1910 Cox 308 email
Sharon Lubkin Lubkin, Sharon Professor
919-515-1904 SAS 4226 email
Emily Mann-Peck Mann-Peck, Emily Adjunct Professor
919-515-8783 SAS 3244 email
Robert Martin Martin, Robert Professor
919-515-7469 SAS 3224 email
Bevin Maultsby Maultsby, Bevin Teaching Assistant Professor
919-515-1876 SAS 3230 email
Negash Medhin Medhin, Negash Professor
Director of Operations Research Graduate Program
919-513-3585 SAS 4142 email
Michael Medvinsky Medvinsky, Michael
Research Assistant Professor
SAS 4208 email
Carl Meyer Meyer, Carl Professor
919-515-2384 SAS 4228 email
Kailash Misra Misra, Kailash Professor
919-515-8784 SAS 3112 email
Tien Khai Nguyen Nguyen, Tien Khai Assistant Professor
919-513-2287 SAS 3248 email
Larry Norris Norris, Larry Associate Professor
919-515-7932 SAS 4216 email
Mette Olufsen Olufsen, Mette Professor
919-515-2678 SAS 3216 email
Tao Pang Pang, Tao Associate Professor
919-513-2110 SAS 4116 email
David Papp Papp, David Assistant Professor
919-515-2381 SAS 3222 email
Sandra Paur Paur, Sandra Associate Professor
919-515-2598 SAS 3144 email
Mohan Putcha Putcha, Mohan Professor
919-515-3320 SAS 3124 email
Nathan Reading Reading, Nathan Associate Professor
919-515-3261 SAS 4118 email
Jesus Rodriguez Rodriguez, Jesus Professor
919-515-7178 SAS 4212 email
Arvind Saibaba Saibaba, Arvind Assistant Professor
919-513-2299 SAS 3126 email
Radmila Sazdanovic Sazdanovic, Radmila Assistant Professor
919-515-3304 SAS 3120 email
Stephen Schecter Schecter, Stephen Professor
919-515-6533 SAS 3226 email
Jeff Scroggs Scroggs, Jeff Associate Professor
Director of Financial Math Graduate Program
919-515-7817 SAS 3140 email
Fredrick Semazzi Semazzi, Fredrick Professor
919-515-1434 Jordan 4144 email
Michael Shearer Shearer, Michael Professor
919-515-3298 SAS 3228 email
Jack Silverstein Silverstein, Jack Professor
919-515-7864 SAS 4214 email
Michael Singer Singer, Michael Emeritus
919-515-3350 SAS 4210 email
Ralph Smith Smith, Ralph Professor
Associate Director of CRSC
919-515-7552 SAS 4140 email
Ernie Stitzinger Stitzinger, Ernie Professor
Administrator of Graduate Program
919-515-3258 SAS 4122 email
Seth Sullivant Sullivant, Seth Professor
919-513-7445 SAS 3114 email
Agnes Szanto Szanto, Agnes Associate Professor
919-515-7547 SAS 4120 email
Hien Tran Tran, Hien Professor
Director of Multimedia Center
919-515-8782 SAS 4146 email
Semyon Tsynkov Tsynkov, Semyon Professor
919-515-1877 SAS 4222 email
Cynthia Vinzant Vinzant, Cynthia Assistant Professor
919-513-2374 SAS 3260 email
Dmitry Zenkov Zenkov, Dmitry Professor
919-515-4201 SAS 3150 email
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