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Modern, real-world scientific problems involve interactions between multiple disciplines, including the mathematical, statistical, engineering, biological, and physical sciences. As researchers, we find that informal, direct interaction and communication amongst fellow scientists provides an alternative, and often faster, route to learning and creative thinking than traditional, formal methods of scientific discourse.

Mission Statement
The Applied Math Club (AMC) aims to bring together undergrad and grad students, postdocs, and faculty to communicate and exchange ideas and expertise through informal discussion sessions. The AMC is not meant to usurp or replace departmental seminars or meetings. We emphasize that the AMC is meant to be an informal, dynamic, creative community for applied mathematical discussion.

Weekly hour-long sessions are envisioned as follows. A participant will suggest and introduce an applied mathematical topic for discussion. A junior faculty member will act as moderator of the ensuing, informal discussion, promoting participation. While the level of discussion will be aimed at that of a first or second year graduate student, all level of questioning will be supported and encouraged. We anticipate discussions centering on a range of topics in, but not limited to, applied stochastics/statistical modeling, differential equations, numerical analysis, and physical and biological applications. Additionally, we will invite willing speakers from the department’s seminars to participate in special discussion sections as discussion leaders prior to their seminar presentations.

Projected benefits
1. A sense of community amongst fellow applied mathematical scientists.
2. Broadened participant knowledge on departmental research and a wide range of subject areas.
3. Expanded mentoring opportunities for all involved.
4. Greater student and postdoc attendance in departmental seminars.
5. Advance beginning graduate students’ and keenly motivated undergraduate students’ ability to “speak scientifically”.
6. Enhanced opportunities for inter-departmental research collaborations between faculty, postdocs, and students.

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